ZOOM Pharmacy – A life changing monthly medicines service + pharmacy online shop

ZOOM Pharmacy – A life changing monthly medicines service + pharmacy online shop

Our customer care and service is world class, because we care about you. Shop at our pharmacy online, or scroll down further to find out more about our FREE Monthly Medicines Service!

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Check out ZOOM’s Expert Recommended Range. Fever Pain & Flu, Vitamins, Covid Care, Cold & Flu Kits and more! FAST Dispatch – Direct To Your Door.

Why People Love ZOOM

"I used to have to weigh up buying food or medicine. Now I don't have to. Also having it delivered saves me petrol and I don't have to deal with the demon running my local pharmacy." Age 53 [Jun 2022]
Saves me petrol as well
"Prompt, efficient responses to phone calls and emails; free pharmaceutical services." Age 80 [Jun 2022]
Prompt efficient responses
"The service was amazing from customer service to the delivery they made my experience simple and easy while I had covid." Age 30 [May 2022]
I had covid
"They are on the ball all the time. communication is awesome and do a lot of the work for me." Age 50 [Apr 2022]
Communication is awesome
"So bloody good." Age 80 [Apr 2022]
So bloody good
"In my condition Zoom Pharmacy was THE best option for me. I wish I found you years ago." Age 47 [Apr 2022]
Wish I found you years ago
"The service and delivery was a big help when I got covid and was unable to leave the house due to isolation. The service offered by zoom ensured I had the medication I needed to help combat covid." Age 66 [Apr 2022]
Big help when I got COVID
"I live in the country and it makes it easy to get my medicines." Age 80 [Apr 2022]
I live in the country
"Never Fear Zoom is HERE. Efficient beyond expectations, never without medications" Age 84 [Apr 2022]
Never Fear Zoom is HERE
"Very efficient and very quick considering I am in the South Island." Age 71 [Apr 2022]
I am in the South Island
"The fact that I take so much medication and find it so hard to get the money together all the time to pay and Zoom pharmacy does it for free is a huge help for me and less stress for me." Age 43 [Apr 2022]
Zoom does it for free
"Easy to use and dont have to go out so can avoid covid! Also quick delivery! Got it next day and I live near bottom of South Island!" Age 73 [Apr 2022]
Quick delivery
"Very efficient & overall far superior to their opponents. Could not recommend more highly." Age 85 [Apr 2022]
Far superior to their opponents
"Awesome, thank you kindly Zoom pharmacy for all your wonderful support and service. Totally appreciate you guys 💯. Many thanks." Age 67 [Apr 2022]
Totally appreciate you guys 💯
"Thank you for your services so far. The delivery system and remembering new prescriptions when needed. The SMS messages provides a lot of security." Age 91 [Apr 2022]
Thank you for your services
"I love their service and wish I knew about them earlier. It was only by chance that it was recommended to me after certain struggles." Age 46 [Mar 2022]
Wish I knew about you earlier
"Great service and pharmacist phoned to discuss my medications." Age 69 [Mar 2022]
Spoke to pharmacist
"Everything is made so easy. I live rual so it's fantastic and saves me a trip into town." Age 36 [Mar 2022]
Saves me a trip into town
"I got my first month’s meds today and I’m totally impressed with Zoom Pharmacy. My daily meds are in individual sachets, named and dated in a roll inside a dispensing box delivered free to my door. I saved $55 which is huge for our budget as I have to see my GP every three months which is $66 so saving $55 on meds is a lifesaver." Age 61 [Feb 2022]
Saved $55 which is huge
"Just a quick email to say thanks for my COVID 19 Home Care Kit. It arrived today & is everything I expected it to be. Let's hope I don't need to use it. Thanks so much." [Feb 2022]
COVID Home Care Kit Arrived!

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