16 Dec

ZOOM Partners with VisionWest Community Trust

ZOOM has partnered with VisionWest Community Trust to undertake an opt-in trial, to identify the specific medicines adherence needs of the VisionWest community.  

Once completed the aim is to provide a programme for the best use of medicines by providing pharmacist-led medicines support, making medicines more accessible, more affordable with the overall objective of improving health outcomes for the VisionWest community.

Transformed Lives, Healthy Communities

VisionWest has been providing community-based services to people in West Auckland since the 1980s. From incredibly humble beginnings to an organisation that now has over 1,500 employees, has national reach, and works with over 20,000 people every year.

One thing that has remained constant amidst great change is their absolute commitment to doing what they can to meet the needs of their community.  Their vision statement is “Transformed Lives, Healthy Communities”. They are gathering around them a group of partners who can walk with them and support them on this journey.