15 Nov

How do sachet packs work?

By : Sue

Sachet packs sort all your medicines into easy to take doses.

Each individual sachet is clearly labelled with your name, the medicines inside, the date, day of the week, and time to take it. Your sachet packs come in a long roll, loaded into a dispenser box. Sachets come out in the order that you need to take them.

How do I open the sachet?

  1. Gently pull out your first sachet through the slot at the bottom of your dispenser box
  2. Check the sachet label: right day, right time
  3. Gently tear the sachet from the sachet above it, tearing from the right hand side
  4. Open the sachet, tearing from the top, down

How do I reload my dispenser box with a new roll?

How long will my roll last?

Four weeks – that is 28 days. And ZOOM will automatically begin to organise your next roll to send to you, well before the roll you are taking runs out.

How do I dispose of my empty sachets?

The eco-friendly pouches are biodegradable and can be composted. If you want to get rid of the printed information on your empty sachet before you throw it out, simply place the empty sachet in the sink, and pour hot water over it – the printing then simply rubs off.

What do I do if my doctor changes my prescription?

If your doctor changes the medicines you are on, when you are in the middle of a roll, let ZOOM know.

Can I take include general vitamins or supplements in my roll?

Yes, just give us a call to find out more.