08 Jun

Do you have to pay for repeat prescriptions in NZ?

By : Sue

When you request your next new or repeat prescription from your doctor, you will need to pay for your repeat prescription from your medical centre, even if you don’t need to go in and see them.

A prescription for three month’s medication may be dispensed by your pharmacy all at once, or they may give it to you in three, monthly lots.

If your medicine is dispensed monthly, you are often asked to pay the total amount owing up front at month 1. There are exceptions however, depending on the medicines you are on, if they are fully funded or not, and if your medicines are packed into monthly blister or sachet packs. In these instances, pharmacies may charge you on a monthly, as you go, basis.

The key is – if you are unsure, always ask your pharmacy, so that you know what to expect.

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