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The ZOOM Pharmacy Team

Meet the team

Meet our lead pharmacist, Dale Griffiths.

Dale Griffiths

Lead Pharmacist

Lead Pharmacist Dale Griffiths is a community pharmacist with over 35 years' experience, holding post-graduate qualifications from both the University of Otago and the University of Auckland.

He is a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand, a Past President of the Society, and a former chair of the New Zealand College of Pharmacists.

Dale is also involved in the teaching and overseeing new curriculum development for pharmacy students at the University of Otago and Auckland.

Meet our pharmacist, Din Redzepagic.

Din Redzepagic


Pharmacist Din Redzepagic is passionate about the evolution of pharmacy in New Zealand.

He is driven by the challenge of incorporating pharmacy technology into improved patient care and helping patients gain the long-term benefits of taking their medicines correctly. Din sees pharmacists' special knowledge as crucial in assisting patients to achieve this.

Meet our pharmacist, Casie Hanrahan.

Casie Hanrahan


Pharmacist Casie Hanrahan is a pharmacy graduate from the University of Otago. Casie is passionate about pharmacy and motivated by how practice is beginning to adapt to the new technologies available.

Casie is interested in developing innovative pharmacy practice. Her aim is to have patients achieve the best possible result from their medicine therapy.

Casie sees that by putting patients at the centre of their own care, using their own personalised technology, better health outcomes will be achieved.

Meet our pharmacist, Alaa Al-Khaleefa.

Alaa Al-Khaleefa


Alaa is studying how helping improve patient medicine management can improve patient outcomes.

She believes that new personalised technology can help ensure patients are more involved with their health and medicines, which will ultimately improve health outcomes.

Meet our pharmacy robot, Bob.

Slim Pickens

Pharmacy Robot

Slim is one of our state of the art pharmacy robots, helping Dale and his team provide high quality and efficient dispensing of your medicines.

Languages spoken by the ZOOM Pharmacy team:
English, Mandarin, Korean, Serbo-Croat, Arabic

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