28 Jun

How Does ZOOM Pharmacy Work?

How does ZOOM Pharmacy work – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

One …

Get your prescription sent to ZOOM Pharmacy by your medical centre (or you can upload it or FreePost it yourself).

Two …

Once ZOOM receives your prescription, we will contact you to confirm your order, and to answer any questions you may have.

Three !

ZOOM packs up your medicines, and organises delivery to your door by a NZ Post courier in 1-2 working days, anywhere in New Zealand.

FREE* prescriptions. Great service. Delivery nationwide!

ZOOM Pharmacy provides personalised care, specific to you. Our customer care and service is second to none. Get FREE* prescriptions, delivery to your door, repeats sorted for you. 

To get started, simply send ZOOM your prescription. You can do this through your patient portal, or tell your medical centre to send your prescription to us, or take a photo and securely upload your prescription, or freepost / courier it yourself.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or FreePhone 0508966622

*Terms & conditions apply. Free prescriptions for fully funded medicines only – no $5 standard subsidised prescription charge will apply. Other charges relating to specialist’s or dentist’s prescriptions may apply.