Frequently Asked Questions

  • helpIf I ask my GP clinic to send my prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy - can they refuse, or direct me to another pharmacy?
    Your GP clinic must send your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy if you ask them to. It’s your legal right as a patient to choose what pharmacy you want to send your prescription to.
  • helpWhat is ZOOM Pharmacy and how will it help me?
    ZOOM Pharmacy makes it easy for you to get your medicines and then helps you use them correctly. ZOOM Pharmacy delivers funded and non-funded medicines straight to your door. ZOOM Pharmacy provides a free app with your medicines’ information, daily medicine reminders and helps coordinate your repeat prescriptions with your doctor.
  • helpWhen can I download ZOOM Pharmacy?
    At any time, you can download the free ZOOM Pharmacy app from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Once your doctor sends your first prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy, you will receive a notification in the app that new medicines are ready to be paid for. If you have not already downloaded the app when you see your doctor, then you’ll get a text from ZOOM Pharmacy once we receive your prescription, with a link to download the app.
  • helpHow do I change or turn off alarms and push notifications?
    You can change alarm times on the Settings page in your app.
    We use push notifications to keep you informed and to ensure that you never run out of medication.
    We therefore strongly recommend that you leave your notifications turned on.
  • helpWhy am I not receiving any medicine reminders?
    Check your reminders on the Settings page of your phone and make sure notifications for ZOOM Pharmacy are ‘allowed’. If you are still having trouble with reminders, contact ZOOM Pharmacy on 0508 966 622.
  • helpHow do I cancel an order?
    You cannot cancel an order that has already been paid for. You can however choose not to place an order by clicking the ‘No Thanks’ button on the New Prescriptions page. If you choose ‘No Thanks’ you will need to see your GP to obtain a new prescription to have it dispensed elsewhere.
  • helpHow do I change my delivery details and address?
    Each time you place an order with ZOOM Pharmacy, you are asked to confirm your delivery address. If you want to update or change it, simply do so before you confirm each order. You can also update your delivery details under the Settings tab on your app.
  • helpI have the ZOOM Pharmacy app but am not in New Zealand right now - can I still use it and get my medicines delivered overseas?
    In order to use ZOOM Pharmacy you and your doctor must be living here. We cannot send medicines to other countries – we only send within New Zealand.
  • helpI don’t live in New Zealand - can I use ZOOM Pharmacy?
    No. In order to use ZOOM Pharmacy you must use it through a New Zealand doctor and be living here as well. We cannot send medicines to other countries – we only send to New Zealand addresses.
  • helpMy doctor sent my prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy but I haven't received my text to download the ZOOM Pharmacy app?
    Once ZOOM Pharmacy receives a prescription for you, ZOOM Pharmacy will promptly send you either a text to download the app (if not already done so) or will send you a notification that you have new medicines to pay for in the app. Check with your doctor or nurse that the correct mobile number is entered on your prescription. If the text still doesn't arrive, then contact us at 0508 966 622 and we will get you set up.
  • helpThere seems to be a problem with the ZOOM Pharmacy app, what should I do?
    If you are experiencing problems with the ZOOM Pharmacy app, please contact us at 0508 966 622 and we will get it sorted.
  • helpThe information displayed on my ZOOM Pharmacy app is incorrect
    If any of your information displayed on the ZOOM Pharmacy app is wrong or incomplete, please contact us immediately on or call us on 0508 966 622.
  • helpIs my personal information safe?
    ZOOM Pharmacy will keep your private details safe and secure.
  • helpI've requested my first repeat - now what?
    Once you request a repeat with ZOOM Pharmacy, we send your request to your doctor. Typically, your doctor approves or declines repeat requests within 1-2 working days.
    As soon as we hear back from your doctor, we will let you know via your app. You can then confirm where you would like us to deliver your medication and complete payment.
    If your doctor wants to see you first (e.g. to check your blood pressure) we will let you know.
    Please note that requests made on weekends or public holidays will take longer.
  • helpCan I use ZOOM Pharmacy to order prescriptions for my children, or other family members?
    You can use your ZOOM Pharmacy app for your own prescriptions, as well as for other family members prescriptions like your partner’s or child’s prescriptions.
  • helpWhat if my doctor does not use ZOOM Pharmacy?
    All doctors are set up for ZOOM Pharmacy - all that’s needed is a fax machine or a Freepost envelope. Alternatively, you are welcome to send your own prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy by fax or by post. However, ZOOM Pharmacy is unable to ship it to you until we receive the original prescription, for legal purposes.
  • helpCan I use ZOOM Pharmacy with my specialist as well?
    Just ask your specialist to fax the prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy on 0508 966 696
  • helpIs ZOOM available for Android?
    In the Google Play Store. The app can be found here
  • helpIs ZOOM available for iPhone?
    In the Apple App Store. The app can be found here
  • helpHow much will ZOOM cost me?
    Normal prescription fees apply.
    FREE shipping for 3 or more items.
    FREE shipping for orders over $100.
    FREE shipping for repeat requests via your GP patient portal.
    NO FAX FEE. Unlike other pharmacies, ZOOM Pharmacy does not charge for receiving faxed prescriptions.
    BEST prices for unfunded medicines – ZOOM guarantee it.**
    FREE ZOOM App.
    A $5 shipping fee may apply for 1-2 items.
  • helpHow long will my order take to arrive?
    Delivery takes approximately 1-2 working days anywhere in NZ, by Courier Post.
  • helpHow do I keep track of my ZOOM Pharmacy order?
    The ZOOM Pharmacy app will show you when your order is processing, and we will send you a Track and Trace number once your prescription is dispatched. Simply go to the Courier Post website to see the status of your delivery.
  • helpIs ZOOM Pharmacy’s packaging discreet?
    ZOOM Pharmacy deliveries have no pharmacy identifier on the package. The sender’s name shows as our shipping agent, Parcel Wings.
  • helpCan I get all of my prescriptions delivered by ZOOM Pharmacy?
    Ask for your prescription to be sent to ZOOM Pharmacy as we can supply most medicines. You should talk to your doctor first if your need is urgent.
  • helpCan ZOOM deliver to a NZ Post ‘Parcel Collect’ location, as I am unable to get my medicines delivered to home or work?
    With NZ Post ‘Parcel Collect’ you can have your tracked parcels delivered directly to one of their 300+ Parcel Collect locations nationwide. So, you can pick them up when and where it's most convenient to you. Find out more here.
  • helpDoes someone have to be there to sign for my medicines delivery?
    No - but you need to specifically request this via your tracking link or with NZ Post. However, there are some deliveries that you always need to sign for, like controlled medicines, and medicines that need to be stored in your fridge.
    Medicines leave ZOOM Pharmacy by signature required courier, that is why we suggest you select a delivery address where someone can sign for your delivery eg your workplace - medicines arrive in discreet packaging. For most ZOOM deliveries (but NOT controlled and fridge medicines) you can then choose to update your delivery options via your tracking link, and select for that particular delivery to be left, without someone having to sign for it. For a permanent request for all future deliveries to be left, visit the NZ Post website