ZOOM for Health Care Professionals

We know GPs are busy.
ZOOM Pharmacy is here to help.


We know GPs are busy.
ZOOM Pharmacy is here to help.


Help you and your patients save valuable time and improve health outcomes with ZOOM Pharmacy

“Medicines don’t work in patients who don’t take them”

C Everett Koop, Former US Surgeon General

1 in 4 patients
don’t even collect the medicine prescribed to them

1 in 2 patients
don’t take their medicine correctly

ZOOM is designed to help time poor non-acute patients, poorly engaged with community pharmacy, get their medicine and take it correctly.

What is ZOOM?

what is zoom

What is ZOOM?

What Is Zoom?

5 compelling reasons to send prescriptions to ZOOM Pharmacy

  1. ZOOM Pharmacy delivers funded* and non-funded* medicines direct – nationwide
  2. ZOOM Pharmacy coordinates repeats – so patients don’t get caught short.
  3. ZOOM Pharmacy delivers direct – because 1 in 4 patients don’t collect their prescription1
  4. ZOOM Pharmacy provides daily patient support – because 1 in 2 patients don’t take medicines correctly1
  5. ZOOM Pharmacy offers best price for unfunded medicines – we guarantee it!**

Haynes et al. Cochrane Database 20021

* See here to check out our GREAT LOW PRICES for unfunded medicines, available nationwide.
Funded medicines available. See here to check the status of your DHB.
** Any price match claim will be subject to the ZOOM Pharmacy Price Match Terms and Conditions. See here for terms & conditions.

ZOOM Pharmacy Mobile App with medicine reminders

Sending prescriptions from your clinic to ZOOM Pharmacy is easy!

  • 1

    Fax their prescription - including your patient’s mobile number, to ZOOM Pharmacy on
    0508 ZOOMZOOM (0508 966 696) and we’ll deliver directly to them by signature required courier

    NZ ePrescription Service scripts also accepted

  • 2

    Retain the prescription, originals to be mailed (weekly) to ZOOM Pharmacy, PO Box 90685, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142

    See here to check out our GREAT LOW PRICES for unfunded medicines, available nationwide.

Send your prescriptions to ZOOM Pharmacy today



ZOOM will remind your patient each day when to take their medicines.



ZOOM keeps track of your patient’s medicine and reminds them when they are running low. With just 1 click ZOOM can coordinate their repeat with you.


Pharmacy Team

Our friendly New Zealand trained pharmacy team are on hand to help.



Receive tracking information with options, shipments are signature required.


Medicines Information

ZOOM has relevant medicines information available and ready for your patient to view.


Private & Secure

ZOOM will keep your patient’s private details safe and secure.

Meet our lead pharmacist

Meet our lead pharmacist, Dale Griffiths.

Dale Griffiths

Lead Pharmacist

ZOOM Pharmacy Lead Pharmacist Dale Griffiths is a community pharmacist with over 35 years’ experience. He is a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand, a Past President of the Society, and a former chair of the New Zealand College of Pharmacists. Dale leads our dedicated clinical pharmacy team that is on hand to help with any questions you or your patients may have.

Please feel free to contact us on 0508 966 622

or email us at pharmacist@zoompharmacy.co.nz

ZOOM Pharmacy Fax
0508 ZOOMZOOM (0508 966 696)

Verified faxes from GP clinics accepted. Patient faxes are accepted but medicines will only be dispensed upon receipt of the original prescription.

You can now FREEPOST your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy directly!

Freepost ZOOM
PO Box 90685
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142