20 Apr

Flu Vaccination in Your Workplace with ZOOM Pharmacy

Bring flu vaccinations to your workplace. Add value to your Auckland based workplace health and safety by teaming up with ZOOM Pharmacy.

Reduce the impact of flu

The impact of influenza in the workplace can be very costly for employees, their family, our communities, and your business.

Encouraging employees to immunise against influenza will lessen the chance of the illness spreading and will reduce the risk of productivity losses – both by reducing days off work while ill, or days at work when unwell. Vaccination protects the employee, but it also protects everyone in the community around them.

Making vaccinations quick and easy for your staff

At ZOOM Pharmacy we think making access to healthcare as easy as possible is vitally important to the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

In the same way that delivering medicines to someone’s home or workplace makes it really easy for people to take their medicines, vaccinating people at work makes it really easy for people to make their contribution to keeping our communities and businesses safe from the flu.

Qualified and experienced Pharmacist vaccinators

Our pharmacists are not only specifically trained and qualified to administer the vaccination, their pharmacist training also qualifies them to have a detailed discussion with you and your Auckland workplace staff about the vaccination, how it might affect them, and answer any medicines questions they may have.

Cost per Auckland site visit

  • 9 people or less $ 390 *
  • 10 – 19 people $ 39 / person
  • 20 + people $ 25 / person

*A minimum fee only applies to a workplace visit where 9 people or less are vaccinated in one site visit. This minimum fee replaces the per person fee.

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