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42% of Kiwi men have experienced erectile dysfunction (ED), but only 1 in 20 seek help.3 Getting treatment just got easier.

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Understanding erectile dysfunction (ED)

You’re not alone, erection problems affect about 300,000 Kiwi men.2 The chance of you experiencing it increases with age – studies have found 60% of men in their 60’s experience ED.3 The good news is, we’re here to help, with a range of proven treatment plans and experts just a call away.

Proven treatments – most popular

Natural support

Enhance sexual energy and supports a healthy libido, improving stamina and energy in times of need with Go Man Plus.

How ZOOM Pharmacy works

A prescription is required

Sildenafil, or tadalafil is available on prescription from your doctor. We cannot send this medication out until we receive a prescription for this medicine from your healthcare professional.


Speak with your healthcare professional for an assessment and to get a prescription for the medicine best for your lifestyle


Purchase your prescribed treatment from our online shop, and attach a photo or scan of your prescription* to your order


Once your prescription is verified we will send out your order in discreet packaging direct to you

*If your prescription is not barcoded, after you upload your prescription at checkout, you will also need to mail/courier the hard copy (original) to us BEFORE we ship

What causes ED?

Causes of erectile dysfunction can be due to medical conditions, psychological factors or some medications. Even an initial physical cause of ED has passed, it is common for anxiety associated with this, to add to the issue.

It is worth noting that lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking alcohol and the use of recreational drugs can also cause ED.

Are ED medicines going to help?

ZOOM Pharmacy stock both the generic and branded versions of sildenafil and tadalafil. Both these PDe5 inhibitors are prescription medications, and are clinically proven to improve erections. PDe5 inhibitors work by opening the blood vessels supplying your penis. This increase in blood flow into your penis improves your erection. As with all prescription medicines, find out if ED medication is right for you by consulting with a healthcare professional.

Daily ED medication

Is best suited for men who frequently have or who would like to have spontaneous sex with their partner. If you are in a long-term relationship It can be particularly helpful.

As required ED medication

If you’re able to predict when you’ll have sex these medicines might work best for you.

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