27 Feb

Buy a COVID Home Care Kit with Pulse Oximeter NZ

Your COVID-19 Home Care Kit contains: Compact Pulse Oximeter (batteries included), Paracetamol (60 tabs 500mg), Ibuprofen (40 tabs 200mg), Digital Thermometer, Vicks Vaporub (50g tub), Sanitiser Wipes (50), COVID Symptom Diary, COVID Home Care Kit Information Brochure.

COVID Home Care Kit NZ

Buy all your essentials for COVID Home Care: KN95 & Surgical Grade Face Masks, Pulse Oximeter, Home Care Kits all ready to go, Thermometer, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Throat Lozenges, and more!

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ZOOM Pharmacy is proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

We have been serving thousands of Kiwis since 2017, providing a world class service nationwide. Our mission is to help you live a healthier, happier, longer life.

Pulse oximeter NZ

Pulse Oximeter YK-81C (batteries included). Keep at home and keep track of your oxygen concentration levels and heart rate.

A pulse oximeter uses light beams in a sensor to estimate the amount of oxygen in your blood,(without having to take a blood sample) to track and assess how well your lungs are working.

SHOP NOW at the ZOOM Pharmacy COVID Home Care SHOP