NZ has a prescription problem

NZ has a health problem at epidemic levels. But it’s not heart disease, diabetes or cancer. In fact, it’s not even a disease…

ZOOM prescription delivery

NZ has a health issue approaching epidemic levels. It costs the country more and affects more people than any disease we have. But it’s not heart disease, diabetes or cancer. In fact, it’s not even a disease. It’s ‘medicine non-adherence’ – when people simply don’t take the medicines they’re prescribed.

Studies show between 20 to 30% of all prescription medicine is never picked up after the prescription is written and the medicine that is picked up isn’t taken as prescribed approximately 50% of the time. The cost of that is huge in more ways than one. Millions of dollars in unnecessary additional healthcare plus the negative impact on the actual patient’s wellbeing if they’re not taking often life-saving medicine.

So why are so many people not picking up or taking their medicines like they’re supposed to? The answer lies in the fact most of us would rather not take medicines to begin with (which is understandable) plus the time and cost of picking up prescription medicine from pharmacy. It’s not always easy or cheap battling through rush hour traffic to pick up those meds, made worse when you need a prescription on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there’s now a way to make the process of getting and taking prescription medicine easier. It’s called ZOOM and its effect on improving the health of thousands of NZers could be vast.

ZOOM is an app based service that allows prescription medicine to be delivered direct to your door anywhere in the country, plus it sends out daily reminders when to take your meds and organises your repeats before you run out. International studies already show the positive effects a system like ZOOM could have. Fewer heart attacks, reduced diabetes complications, less asthma related emergency visits – ZOOM could revolutionise healthcare in NZ, and all at the touch of a button.

To find out more about ZOOM and how it works, click here.