How an app prevents her pain

A debilitating back injury left an Auckland grandmother at home without easy access to important medicines. Then a phone app changed everything.

ZOOM Pharmacy prescription delivery

ZOOM Pharmacy promised a lot. Prescription medicine delivered to your door, repeats coordinated before you run out. For anyone tired of incessant trips to the pharmacy, ZOOM’s app-based service seemed too good to be true. But has this radical new way to get medicine actually worked? For one Aucklander it has in more ways than one.

Kim Harpley is a now a dedicated ‘Zoomer’. In 2018, and after suffering years of debilitating back and neck pain, she underwent major spinal surgery. She’s now recuperating in her Sunnyvale, West Auckland home but still requires prescription medicine almost daily, something that wasn’t easy to get hold of at first due to the physical discomfort she felt driving to her not-so local pharmacy. “It just got really hard”, says Kim, “and expensive in terms of fuel. I just thought there had to be an easier way”

Fortunately for Kim, there was. Her doctor of 30 years noticed her predicament and recommended she give ZOOM Pharmacy a try. She had her doubts, but went online to download the app. “I’m not completely ‘au fait’ as far as smart phones go but I went to Google Play, installed the app and it was easy”. From there it’s been all smooth sailing. “It’s worked right from day dot. I ring my doctor to get a prescription, it’s sent to ZOOM and then I’ve got it within 1 or 2 days. It’s been amazing”

And it’s not just getting the initial deliveries that Kim’s found handy. The ZOOM Pharmacy app also organizes her repeats. “You do have a tendency to forget, but with ZOOM they know when you’re due for your next batch and then just send it out to you” While ZOOM Pharmacy still has its skeptics, specifically those used to visiting their local pharmacist, it seems to be working well for Kim. Her health is being managed better and that’s leading to a better quality of life says Kim, “I can spend more time in the garden, play with the grandkids instead of ‘oh I’ve got to go and get a prescription’. Now I tell whoever I can about ZOOM. They should just give it a go”.

To download the app, click here.