14 Apr

Best Ideas for Health & Wellness in The Workplace

In these tough financial times, when healthcare is also in the spotlight, show how much you care about your workforce, tertiary institution, or community group by giving them a ZOOM Pharmacy Health Home Care Kit.

Gift a Health Home Care Kit to your workforce or community group

During the recent Omicron outbreak, it became clear that many people can’t afford to hold medicines at home – just in case they need them. So a Home Care Kit makes a real difference when they are sick and not able to buy supplies.

Reduce the cost and take the stress out of effective at home health and wellbeing care, for the people you are responsible for.

ZOOM supported commercial and charitable organisations to curate thousands of Care Kits, for all types of people in their care.

Receiving a Home Care Kit was a big relief for all.

Health Home Care Kit for: fever, pain, covid, flu & cold

Curated by our team of healthcare experts our Home Care Kits are designed to specifically reduce and provide relief for symptoms associated with fever, pain, cold & flu, COVID and more. They can also include vitamins/supplements as preventative healthcare options as we move into winter.

Home Care Kits are expertly designed, and carefully hand packed for specific workforce and community needs, including medicines support for children where appropriate.

One of ZOOM Pharmacy’s missions is to provide convenient and easy treatment plans, that are affordable and accessible to all New Zealanders. If this sounds like a good fit with workplace or community group, give ZOOM a call.

You design a Health Home Care Kit right for you

Businesses and organisations can either do a bulk purchase up front, or we can supply a coupon for individuals to purchase their own Home Care Kit online, when they need it.

Finding what works can be hard. If you are wanting to gift your valued workforce or community members a customised Home Care Kit, get in touch with ZOOM Pharmacy now!

We’ve made it so easy to SHOP ONLINE for ZOOM’s Expert Recommended range including: Fever Pain & Flu, Vitamins, Covid Care and more!

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